International Standards

March 22, 2016

The Human Rights Consortium campaigns for a human rights based society, with laws developed in accordance with recognised international legal standards. These international standards, drawn from various United Nations and European conventions and charters, have been signed up to by the UK government.

Human Rights Consortium - Publication Launch - Mac Belfast 15th October 2014 Presseye Declan Roughan Human Rights Consortium publication launch 'Engaging with UN Human Rights Monitoring Mechanisms - A Guide for Northern Ireland Civil Society. (L-R)Kevin Hanratty, Helen Flynn Campaigns and Membership Officer Human Rights Consortium and Les Allamby, Chief Comissioner, NIHRC.

The Consortium seeks to use its position as a coalition of organisations to support civil society participation and coordination in the monitoring mechanisms for these standards. We work to develop positive engagement with Northern Ireland and UK departments responsible for their implementation. We seek to do this through a mixture of the following methods:

For more information on the International Standards, visit our our Resources area.

Downloadable Resources

Download Guide to Engaging with UN Human Rights Monitoring Mechanisms

Guide to Engaging with UN Human Rights Monitoring Mechanisms

Guide on UN Rights Monitoring


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