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Membership of the Consortium is free and is open to all such organisations provided that they support the purposes and objectives of the Consortium- ‘Ensuring a human rights based society which includes a strong and inclusive Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland’. If your organisation would like to apply for membership please visit here




We are currently seeking volunteers to work on our Human Rights News Roundup.

Human Rights News Roundup – 2 x Volunteers

The Consortium are seeking two volunteers to work remotely on its Human Rights News Round Up.

The Roundup is a collection of the latest human rights related news stories from Northern Ireland that is distributed to Consortium members and supporters on a regular basis.

This six month volunteer position is based from home/remote working and is an excellent opportunity gain a broad range of skills and experience. A full project brief is available for download here.

Deadline for applications is Monday 18th May 2020.

Please also see the testimonials below for an idea of what to expect from this project.


“My experience volunteering for the Human Rights Consortium has been extremely rewarding. I have developed many key skills which assisted me throughout the completion of my degree and will assist me in the workplace, such  as research, drafting and attention to detail. The skills developed are extremely versatile and can assist in almost any field of work. I have seen first-hand how impressed employers are by this experience. The most important skill acquired is arguably the ability to approach articles with a critical lens and recognise where spin has been applied, ensuring that we only report the facts. Team work has been crucial throughout, as I have worked alongside other volunteers and staff to deliver the best possible round-up every week. The Director and the Consortium have been brilliant along the way and are always helpful and understanding. Alongside the development of skills this experience has provided me with a broader insight into human rights in Northern Ireland and the many issues that are prevalent.”Bronagh O’Kane (News Roundup Volunteer)


“Working on the news roundup has been an exceptionally rewarding experience, both professionally and personally. I’ve developed a working knowledge of Mailchimp, which has since proven invaluable in other roles/projects. Monitoring local news and selecting relevant stories for the roundup has also given me a much deeper appreciation and understanding of the unique human rights landscape in Northern Ireland. I’ve also gained insight into the essential work and operations of the local community and voluntary sector. I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge of current human rights-related issues in NI – and gain some transferable editing and social media skills along the way!”Rebekah Corbett (News Roundup Volunteer)











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