October 2019

Withdrawal Agreement Bill – initial analysis

22 October 2019

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU is the biggest constitutional shift in Northern Ireland since our devolution settlement.  The EU (Withdrawal Amendment) Bill is a major piece of constitutional law and the UK Government’s planned agenda will push this through parliament with minimal scrutiny and no time for MPs and Peers to engage with the […]

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Initial thoughts on the Revised UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement

21 October 2019

All about the Backstop The changes in the revised UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement are focused on the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol.  The paper below gives a brief overview of our initial first thoughts on what this means.  While the rest of the Withdrawal Agreement sets out the rules for the transition period until the UK and EU agree their future trading relationship, the revised protocol is […]

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07.01.2019, Großbritannien, Dover: Das Brexit-Wandbild von Banksy zeigt einen Mann, der die EU-Flagge mit einem Hammer entfernt und ist in Dover zu sehen. Foto: Matt Dunham/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++