Rights in Practice

25 January 2016

At their core, human rights are about the recognition of the inherent dignity of every individual. As a result human rights overlap with many areas of our society, politics and governance and can therefore also be adversely misrepresented within some of the negative debates and divisions in Northern Ireland.


PACEMAKER PRESS INTERNATIONAL BELFAST 4/7/2007. Archbishop Desmond Tutu pictured as he met the Human Rights Consortium at the Hilton in Belfast City Centre this morning. Picture Charles McQuillan/Pacemaker.


Our approach is to seek ways of changing negative attitudes by challenging assumptions, presenting new evidence, explaining and educating about what rights mean in reality and providing clear confirmation of how existing human rights are already making positive contributions to our society.


The Human Rights Consortium launch a major advertising campaign calling on government and politicians to"Take the Bill by the Horns" outside Belfast City Hall.