Human Rights Consortium publishes view on Safeguarding the Union

June 5, 2024

We have today launched a briefing on the Safeguarding the Union package. This provides a civil society perspective on its contents and its implications for human rights and equality protections under the Windsor Framework.

The Safeguarding the Union package consists of a Command Paper and three Statutory Instruments and is the product of negotiations between the UK Government and the Democratic Unionist Party. It operates within the Windsor Framework, affecting its domestic implementation and operation with implications for the rights and equality protections contained therein.

The briefing evaluates the compatibility of the Safeguarding the Union package with existing commitments under the Windsor Framework, particularly in relation to Article 2 of the Protocol which concerns the non-diminution of rights and ongoing application of some EU law.

This briefing builds on our previous analyses and aims to provide an initial overview of the potential implications of Safeguarding the Union for human rights and equalities, particularly in the context of the restored Northern Ireland institutions.

Key insights in the briefing include:

The full briefing is accessible below and contains our detailed thoughts on the Safeguarding the Union package. If you would like further information, please contact us to schedule a further briefing on these issues.

Downloadable Resources

Download Safeguarding the Union - HRC Briefing

Safeguarding the Union - HRC Briefing


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