About Us

Who we are

The Consortium is a broad alliance of civil society organisations from across all communities, sectors and areas of Northern Ireland who work together to help develop a human rights based society.

What we do

The Consortium provides a coherent, unified, non-party political coalition for civic society groups to develop the recognition, respect, protection and implementation of human rights standards in Northern Ireland.

We do this is by providing a platform for civil society groups to work together to achieve this aim through collaboration across different sectors and issues.

We also work to advance awareness, understanding and support for human rights generally in Northern Ireland.

A core element of this work to date has been our ongoing campaign for a strong Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland.

Supplemented in recent years with an emerging focus on human rights frameworks, positively influencing perspectives on human rights and supporting civil society to become engaged in human rights advocacy.

Our Members

The Consortium is made up of 160 member groups who are organisations in their own right. Each member is non-party political, non - governmental and supportive of the Consortium principles. Our membership organisations are drawn from a range of sectors and geographic areas and include community groups, trade unions, NGO's and charities.

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Our Staff

Our Trustees

In accordance with the Consortium’s Articles of Association a Board of Trustees (Directors) is appointed on an annual basis at our AGM. The Board is elected from the Consortium membership and appointed with the overall responsibility for Consortium governance and delivery of its strategic vision.

The current Human Rights Consortium Board:

Tony O'Reilly, North West Forum of People with Disabilities (Chairperson)
Elizabeth Zammitt, REAL Network
Liz Nelson, Belfast Feminist Network
Fiona McCausland, NI Anti-Poverty Network
Paddy Kelly, Children's Law Centre
Patrick Malone, Disability Action
Patrick Corrigan, Amnesty International
Brian Gormally, Committee on the Administration of Justice
Thomas Mahaffy, UNISON