Rights in Practice

Human Rights implications of Brexit

12 October 2016

We have submitted evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights in Westminster. The Joint Committee is conducting an inquiry into the human rights implications of Brexit and issued a call for evidence. Our submission looks at some key areas which the Committee should explore in more detail: The particular importance of human rights frameworks […]

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The EU Referendum and Human Rights

08 June 2016

Human rights issues have largely been ignored in the debates around the EU referendum. With just two weeks to go until we get to decide to stay or go, we need to focus on human rights . The core human rights instrument in the UK is the Human Rights Act.  Its origins in the European Convention of […]

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Human Rights and the ‘Brexit’ Debate

18 May 2016

The Human Rights Consortium, in partnership with NICVA, is hosting an event to examine the missing human rights context in the EU referendum debate. Human rights have been largely ignored in the referendum debate and where rights have been mentioned, the discussion has been confused.                     […]

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